February 4, 2005

Street art in Baghdad

This is cool. We-Make-Money-Not-Art blogged about a BBC article about blast walls and the decorations that are appearing on them. From the BBC article: bq. Baghdad's blast wall art In a dull Baghdad world of concrete and razor-wire, chicanes and blast barriers, a little colour has just re-appeared. bq. Every official building or media base these days has a frontage of four-metre (13ft) high concrete walls to protect against bombs and mortars, but Iraqis have begun to see the grey expanse as a public canvas. bq. There is of course graffiti, but mostly great swirling apolitical exuberance - everything from retro-Chagall to prog-rock album-cover teenage fantasies. Here are four of them:
bagdhad-wall-art-carpet.jpg bagdhad-wall-art-tractor.jpg bagdhad-wall-art-tree.jpg bagdhad-wall-art-port.jpg
I love the last one with the images of the Mosques and the Churches side-by-side. The dove is the symbol of peace for both cultures. This was unknown during Saddam's totalitarian regime. Posted by DaveH at February 4, 2005 11:59 PM
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