February 23, 2005

Ward Churchill finally comes clean

I had written about Ward Churchill before here, here and here. He finally came clean in a speech in Hawai'i -- Charles at LGF reports:
In his appearance at the University of Hawaii, Colorado University professor Ward “Little Eichmanns” Churchill admitted he is not a native American: Churchill attacks essay’s critics.
Churchill did address the issue of his ethnicity, admitting that he is not Native American. “Is he an Indian? Do we really care?” he said, quoting those he called his “white Republican” critics. “Let’s cut to the chase; I am not,” he said. His pedigree is “not important,” Churchill said: “The issue is the substance of what is said.” He went on to explain that the issue of whether he is Native American has been blown up by sloppy reporting and reporters quoting other reporters.
UPDATE at 2/23/05 4:54:56 pm: Churchill has been lying about his ancestry for years.
And he has tenure? He is director of Indian Studies at Colorado State University? And Academia is relevant? Steve H. at Hog on Ice has some more to say and a nice image:
Big Chief Buffalo Nickel Drops Dime on Self
Oh, Ward. What Will we Tell the Beaver? Yes, Ward Churchill just admitted he's not even part Indian. I don't actually have much to say about it. I just wanted an excuse to use the title "Big Chief Buffalo Nickel Drops Dime on Self."
"Fire me, and I'll Sioux!"
Ward made his admission before a high-suction, low-sales-resistance crowd of apparent cretins at the University of Hawaii. According to a Honolulu Star-Bulletin account, a student named Kirsten Chong said "that because she is native Hawaiian, she agrees with much of what he said." Do they sell iodized salt in Hawaii? A Chinese girl who claims to be a native Hawaiian says she can relate to a white man who lied about being an Indian. I guess I see the logic. She also says her dimwit professors forced her to go see Ward's speech. Well, when I was a kid, a fat Sixties holdout named Jim Thomas made me and the rest of his history students subscribe to Time and watch 60 Minutes, so I guess academics haven't changed much. Remember when "education" meant the search for truth? No, neither do I. Stupid question.
Posted by DaveH at February 23, 2005 11:51 PM

Thank you so much for that article....it was one of the funniest ones on Ward Churchill I have ever read. That title is a classic....and instant indian kit. Gawd! Still laughing........

Posted by: christmasghost at February 24, 2005 5:37 PM
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