April 10, 2005

About Me - Bull**** facts

Rob at Gut Rumbles started it and Kim DuToit answered. Here are mine: What time is it? A bit after midnight -- time to head off to the house and crawl up into bed -- it was a full weekend and I'm tired. Name as it appears on birth certificate: David (something) Halliday - not into identity theft. Piercing: None and none planned -- toss around the idea of a tattoo (small Dragon perched on my right forearm) from time to time but don't have one of them either. Eye color: Dark brown. A cataract makes things interesting but that is getting gouged out this coming Thursday and replaced with a plastic lens. Looking forward to it! Place of birth USA - not into identity theft. Favorite food: Lots -- beef stew, pasta, salads, good fresh bread Ever been to Africa? Yep -- as a kid visiting with my parents (Kenya and Tanzania). Awesome place! I read about what is happening there and almost weep with the stupidity of the kleptocrats that are ruining it (and getting UN recognition). Favorite clothing? Jeans (Carhartt) and a sweatshirt and a ratty sweater in winter. Ever been toilet papering? Nope -- had it happen to me once but it was Jen's family that did it to our car at our Wedding Reception so I can't get too pissed at them... Have you ever had a speeding ticket? Couple times, not for 20 years or so but I still speed. Been in a car accident? Two minor car accidents (one my fault, one not). Three minor motorcycle accidents. No injuries. Favorite day of the week: None really -- during the time I lived in Seattle, it was Saturday but up here on the farm, every day is wonderful. Get up, work a bit, play a bit, blog a bit... Favorite restaurant: In the Bellingham area - On Rice for Thai, The Black Forest Steakhouse in Everson for Fillet Mignon and German, Café Akroteri for Greek, Boundary Bay for microbrews with decent pub fare, Casa 542 for "mountain Mexican" Favorite flower: Nothing really -- I like plants and flowers but don't have any real favorites. Favorite sport to watch: Watch? None. Liked to play soccer and baseball a bit but haven't for a long time. Favorite drink: Cider, Mead and Microbrews plus the occasional single-malt. Favorite fast food restaurant: In-n-Out Burger -- wish there was one up here. They do a very few things really really well. What color is your bedroom carpet? Beige -- came with the house and we will be replacing it sometime down the road. How many times did you fail your driver’s test? Got it first time. Favorite perfume: Sweat What do you do most often when you are bored? Answer quizzes like this? Not bored that often... Bedtime? Around now -- sometimes later, sometimes earlier. What is your favorite color? Dark Blue, Dark Green. How many tattoos do you have? None but think about getting one every so often (see above piercing comment). Have you ever run out of gas? Yeah -- a few times when I was young and stupid. Now that I am older and stupid, I'm more careful about watching the gas gage. What is the last book you read? Animals in Translation by Dr. Temple Grandin -- If you are into animals at all, get this and read it. (Should be in most libraries) Currently about 200 pages into Witness by Whittaker Chambers. This is a sobering look at the spread of Communism in the USA and Europe from the 20's onward from someone who was there. He is an excellent writer. Fascinating bit of history which we seem to be repeating dammit... Posted by DaveH at April 10, 2005 11:59 PM | TrackBack
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