September 4, 2005

More fun with FEMA

It seems that you had to be registered with FEMA before the hurricane or else, they will prevent you from helping. I do electronics and although I am not a radio amateur, I like to follow Ham Radio as that is where a lot of the new technology comes from (personal computers and cell phones are two examples). Here is one excerpt from a Ham web forum I belong to:
"I said "well-prepared, self-sufficient" hams should make themselves useful."

I got news for you Sparky, unless you were registered with FEMA or State OEM BEFORE the hurricane, you will not get within 200 miles of the affected area. FEMA is working closely with state PD's to repel any influx of outside "help". Cellular personnel can't even get into the area & they were going to restore service. These guys are now stranded, on the state borders, waiting to get in & deploy COWs & COLTs with microwave backhaul to recover lost coverage & capacity.
COW = Cells on Wheels Cell Tower based on a large 18-wheeler -- large capacity COLT = Cell on Light Trucks Cell Tower based on the same trucks that you see TV stations use, lesser capacity but more agile. microwave backhaul Most cell towers use fiber to connect to the POTS. (Plain Old Telephone System) Microwaves can be beamed through relay stations. Poorer signal but doesn't need wires or fiber. FEMA turning away these people? Posted by DaveH at September 4, 2005 10:47 PM