October 24, 2005

Interesting Blog

Just got turned on to Maggie's Farm and I am liking what I see. From their masthead:
We are a commune of inquiring, skeptical, politically centrist, capitalist, traditionalist New England Yankee humans, humanoids, and animals with many interests beyond and above politics. Each of us has had a high-school education (or GED), but all had ADD so didn't pay attention very well, especially the dogs. Each one of us does "try my best to be just like I am," and none of us enjoys working for others, including for Maggie, from whom we receive neither a nickel nor a dime.
A brief excerpt from this post talking about the Left:
One further word about that "imperialism" word: When, since our own Civil War (definitely an imperialist venture), the Indian Wars, and the Spanish-American War, has the US Government behaved imperialistically? We have been mainly anti-imperialist in our military ventures: saving Europe from imperial Germany twice, defeating an imperialist and expansionist Japan once (with no thank-you from China), and attempting to save many parts of the world from an imperial, expansionist Soviet Union. And now, we are anti-imperialistic against a multi-national Jihadist movement. The Marxist propaganda, or Marxist "interpretation", does not hold up to reality.
To be added to the Blogroll when I update it... Posted by DaveH at October 24, 2005 11:34 PM

thanks for the link !!!
And glad to meet your blog...

Bird Dog

Posted by: bird dog at October 25, 2005 8:50 AM
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