October 27, 2005

Iran's statement on Israel / Cox and Forkum's view

Cox and Forkum once again, nail it. This is regarding Iran's new president's statement that Israel should be wiped off the map delivered in a speech at this conference: “The World without Zionism”

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Charles at LGF has a link to a Yahoo/AP news item:

Arab States Silent on Iran's Remarks
Arab governments remained silent Thursday as international condemnation grew over a call by Iran's new president for Israel to be destroyed.

The news reporter should realize that Iran is Persia under a new name; it is not an Arab nation. And now, they are transforming themselves into a very large and very loose canon with their fixation on nuclear weaponry. The next few years will be very interesting. Libya is now a nice place to visit.

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I find it interesting that it is commonly ignored that Israel is known to have atomic weapons provided by the U.S. in violation of the atomic weapons treaties. Israel Zionist (non religious) who have violated human rights, unlawfully taken Arab lands, and acted like jack booted Nazi to their Arab neighbors. These people who openly declare a Jewish State in spite of the number of deaths it will require. To see Iran (who is not aggressive and has not weapons) as a threat compared to Israel who is aggressive and does have weapons is different.

Posted by: David at May 16, 2008 09:10 AM