November 9, 2005

John Bolton shows the right stuff

George Bush picked the right person when he chose John Bolton to be the Ambassador to the United Nations. From Bloomberg:
Bolton Rebukes UN Vote Against Cuba Embargo for 'Irrelevancy'
The United Nations General Assembly voted for the 14th consecutive year to call for an end to the 43- year-old U.S. trade embargo against Cuba, drawing a rebuke from John Bolton, the new U.S. envoy to the world body.

"This is a complete exercise in irrelevancy," Ambassador Bolton told reporters in New York. "For a General Assembly that has not yet seriously attempted to reform the UN Human Rights Commission to adopt this exercise in Cuban propaganda really tells you something."

Israel, the Marshall Islands and Palau joined the U.S. in voting against the non-binding resolution, which urges the U.S. to "repeal and invalidate" the embargo that has been in effect since 1962, three years after Fidel Castro seized control of the Caribbean island and transformed it into a bastion of communism. Micronesia abstained. The resolution was adopted today by a vote of 182 to 4.

The Bush administration said the resolution was an attempt to shift blame for Castro's shortcomings and that the General Assembly should not deal with the question.

"The United States trade embargo is a bilateral issue and should not come before the General Assembly," U.S. envoy Ronald Godard said. "If the people of Cuba are jobless, hungry or lack medical care, as Castro admits, it is because of his economic mismanagement, not the embargo."

Godard said the U.S. would ease restrictions on trade and travel after Cuba allows "free and fair" elections and the formation of independent trade unions.
Bolton is not afraid to see the UN as the irrelevant corrupt organization that it is. World Government indeed... Posted by DaveH at November 9, 2005 7:09 PM
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