December 6, 2005

People being stupid

Not hard to find but this example takes the cake. Say hello to aspiring model Ms. Jessica Sandy Booth:
Today's THV in Little Rock has the details of her fifteen minutes of fame:
Model Accused Of Hiring Hit Man To Kill For Cheese
Police in Memphis say a woman mistook a block of white cheese for a cocaine stash and tried to hire a hit man to kill four men and steal it.

Police say Jessica Sandy Booth was mistaken about the hit man, too. He was an undercover policeman.

Booth is 18. She's charged with four counts of attempted murder and four more of soliciting a murder.

Authorities say Booth was in the men's house recently and thought a block of queso fresco cheese was cocaine. The cheese is used in cooking.

Police say Booth, who is an aspiring model, told the hit man she needed $7,900 to pay a modeling agency. The undercover officer was recording Booth's conversation and police say they have her saying any children old enough to testify would have to be killed as well.

People in the home gave police permission to search it. They found only the cheese.
When someone has to pay a modeling agency money, they are not model caliber and are being fleeced. Posted by DaveH at December 6, 2005 11:54 AM