January 30, 2006

Measured leadership in Iran

Iran is once again showing itself to be careful and considerate. From the Turkish Press:
The rumor is that Iran will carry out a nuclear experiment in March...
Teheran is getting ready to counter a "preemptive strike" by USA and Israel. The Air Force Command of the Revolutionary Guard has ordered its Shahap-3 Missile Units to keep their mobile missile ramps in motion in preparation for such an attack. Responding to this order, in darkness of the night the primary missile ramps have been moved to Kirmanshah and Hamedan, and the reserve ramps to Isfahan and Fars regions.

The above actions are the basis for the efforts of the USA to attract Russia and China, as well as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to its side, and for commenting that a military intervention is always on the table. These actions are also the basis for Israelís overt preparation for a possible offensive action and for making authoritative announcements that it "will not permit Iran" to proceed with its nuclear plans. Suddenly, all these activities have created a renewed global atmosphere of war. They are spreading anxiety and paranoia.
Wonderful, just frickin' wonderful... Fortunately, we have the predator drones -- there is probably about an hour of prep needed to launch the Shahab as it uses a liquid fueled motor. More than enough time to spot them and to take them out. Posted by DaveH at January 30, 2006 10:37 AM

The first squadron of Raptor (F-22 stealth air-superiority fighter) became operational in December IIRC. Currently based in the US though. (But so were the Nighthawks on their first use, so who knows.)

Posted by: Al at January 30, 2006 8:57 PM
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