April 16, 2006

Hope for England

Some people at the British National Party are doing an amazing job of channeling Sir Winston Churchill and have fired a shot across the bow with this wonderful 54-page document: Rebuilding British Democracy (PDF) Here are four excerpts:
Abolishing multiculturalism, preserving Britain
The present regime is engaged in a profound cultural war against the British people, motivated by the desire to create a new ethnic power base to replace the working class which they have abandoned in pursuit of their enthusiasm for globalisation, justified by a quasi-Marxist ideology of the equality of all cultures. We intend to rebuild the basis of democracy in Britain , which is the right of all free-born Britons to debate in public the facts as they see them by restoring true freedom of speech to Britain.

Furthermore, when we speak of 'British democracy' we do so in an ethnic as well as a civic sense. We do not accept the absurd superstition - propagated for different though sometimes overlapping reasons by capitalists, liberals, Marxists and theologians - of human equality. Whether the now totally discredited feminist argument that men and women are innately the same, to the partly refuted egalitarian claim that everyone within a given population is born as a blank slate with the same innate potential, or to the still dominant Politically Correct denial of the existence of differences on average between members of different races - we reject all these irrational myths.
Art and Culture
Schools in England will be encouraged to celebrate May Day and other ancient festivals, whilst the other folk nations of the British Isles will be encouraged to resurrect their ancestral folk traditions.

We will introduce the requirement that all children will be taught English as their first language in Britain , but also learn about their local ancestral language as well. This will apply to Welsh, Cornish, Manx, Scots Gallic, Doric or Lallans in Great Britain , and Ulster Lallans and Gaelic in Northern Ireland. English children will also be given an appreciation of the language of the Anglo-Saxon folk and to appreciate the beauty of Anglo-Saxon culture, such as its poetry, art and the meaning of citizenship.
Tough on the causes of crime - Criminals
Despite the unprecedented sums being spent on the police, Britain today faces record crime rates. Traditional and effective bobby-on-the-beat policing has been abandoned in favour of expensive and intrusive technological toys, such as CCTV cameras and over-reliance on patrol cars. Police management has lost its focus on preventing crime and has become a variety of politically-correct social work more concerned with the rights of criminals than with those of their victims.

We intend to rebuild the social contract where the criminal was afraid of the police and decent citizens were protected by the law. The liberal consensus which sees the criminal as the victim and the victim as the criminal will be abolished, and Politically Correct senior police officers, who clearly prefer helping the Exchequer squeeze extra stealth taxes out of Middle Britain to catching burglars, will be replaced.
One more:
Education for a British future
We are against the 'trendy' teaching methods that have made Britain one of the most poorly educated nations in Europe. These are based upon neo-Marxist egalitarianism, which has done untold damage both to the fabric of our nation and to an entire generation whose average level of attainment is now lower than before the introduction of universal state education.

We reject egalitarianism, and base our plans for the education system on the scientific fact that different individuals are born with different abilities and potentials. All are entitled to the same chance of realizing their own potential, but this cannot be done be forcing them all into a low-grade 'one-size-fits-all' education system. Under the present regime Britain is rapidly becoming the worst-educated major nation in Europe. This threatens us with economic decline, a barbaric culture, and a citizenry that cannot think well enough to govern itself. We intend to rebuild the entire British educational system in order that future generations of British children are not lost to illiteracy and selfish ill-discipline.

This has not come about by accident or due to mysterious forces like "permissiveness" or "the 60's." It has been the result of deliberate attempts by the left to abandon the traditional purpose of schools - to educate - in favour of using them as instruments of social levelling and politically-correct indoctrination, combined with the right's economics-obsessed lack of interest in the problem.
It's not just rhetoric -- these people have nailed the major problems and have cogent solutions for them. Check it out. Posted by DaveH at April 16, 2006 11:21 PM
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