April 17, 2006

More on my new robot masters

Was Googling trying to find some electrical information and ran into this news story at the NY Times Archives. The two arms I have are Dainichi Kiko PT-200's.
Japan Store Offers Robots
Published: July 9, 1983

The Seibu group today became the first Japanese department store to offer robots for sale. "Our aim is to serve as a contact point between owners of small firms, schools and restaurants on one hand and the robot maker on the other," said Naoyuki Moriyasu of Seibu.

He said in an interview that there is vast potential demand for industrial robots among owners of small companies. The robots on display at Seibu are the Dainichi Kiko Company's PT-200 and PT-300, two popular models out of 15 produced by Japan's largest robot maker. The PT-200 sells for $25,000 to $29,000 depending on the software and optional parts, while the PT-300 costs $33,000 to $42,000.

Mr. Moriyasu said a restaurant owner expressed interest in buying a robot. "The restaurant owner wanted counter robots that could dispense ice cream," he added.

Seibu plans to set up a robot corner in each of its 11 stores in Japan. Its nationwide 100-store supermarket chain eventually will act as agents for Dainichi's robots, Mr. Moriyasu said.
WOOT! Adjusting for inflation, $25K would be close to $50K and that is for just one arm. I got the whole deal for $200... I'll have pictures in a day or two. Posted by DaveH at April 17, 2006 11:21 PM