May 17, 2006

Ward Churchill - shoddy research

So-called "Indian" (he has admitted that he has no Indian blood), plagiarist and all-around schmendrick Ward Churchill has been under investigation by The Standing Committee on Research Misconduct at Colorado University and their 124 page report does not paint Mr. Churchill in a good light... From the Colorado Daily
Ward's research shoddy
A scathing 124-page report on the work of CU Professor Ward Churchill released Tuesday says the ethnic studies department professor should either be suspended or dismissed based on evidence that Churchill plagiarized, misrepresented or fabricated information in his scholarly work.

The Standing Committee on Research Misconduct found that Churchill was culpable in five of seven allegations against him ranging from plagiarism to fabrication of information.

The committee unanimously found that Churchill had falsified information on four counts, fabricated information on two counts, plagiarized twice, improperly reported results and failed to “comply with established standards regarding author names on publications,” according to the report.

Allegations about Churchill's ethnicity and copyright infringement were dropped.

Churchill told the Associated Press on Tuesday that the report was a “travesty.”

The professor also told the AP he did not fabricate anything. Churchill said magazine editors made citing sources difficult, and his other writing cleared up the confusion. He said writing under others' names is common practice in academia, and that rules against it are “selectively enforced.”

Churchill's attorney, David Lane, put it even stronger in an interview with the Colorado Daily on Tuesday, saying, “They're putting lipstick on a pig. They're coming up with a legal way to fire him.”
Emphasis mine -- that comment is abject bullshit. Writing under others' names indeed -- in any profession, you want to build your "brand", your name and to dilute it by using different names is counter-productive. As for plagiarism, take a look at this (from here):
Thomas Mails

Ward Churchill
The top image is a pen and ink sketch done by Thomas Mails in 1972. The bottom one is a silk-screen done by Ward Churchill and presented as his own work in 1981. And he still continues to teach?
The sooner he gets booted out and is blocked from teaching, the better. This guy is a fraud. Posted by DaveH at May 17, 2006 1:37 PM | TrackBack

What an amazing schmuck! Amazing. He needs to be wrapped in 250 pounds of silly putty and rolled down a hill.

Posted by: freshlysqueezed at May 23, 2006 7:15 AM
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