June 13, 2006

Not a good day...

Two deaths rob the world of greatness. First, Hungarian composer Gyorgy Ligeti passed away. You heard his music if you saw Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey Not for everyone but gorgeous ethereal music -- he definitely plugged into a higher state of consciousness with his work. A brief Obituary at Billboard Magazine Second, one half of the wonderful Brothers Hildebrandt. From Spider Web Art (their representatives):
Tim Hildebrandt has passed away. And, with him, so has an era.
Tim, 67, died today from complications due to diabetes. He is survived by his mother Germaine, twin brother Greg, sister Janie, wife Rita, son Charles, nieces Mary and Laura, and nephew Gregory.

Tim was an otherworldly artist. For 47 years, his captivating work fostered the dreams and fantasies of millions of fans, young and old.

Best known as part of the Brothers Hildebrandt team, Tim’s career transported him to—and through—many worlds. Technically speaking, Tim and Greg worked side by side. But their work together on such masterpieces as the original Star Wars poster and 70’s J.R.R. Tolkien calendars proved that their individual talents could coalesce seamlessly into one.

Tim was a wonderful man with a great sense of humor. While he loved and appreciated all forms of art, he had a particular passion for animation and illustration.

While he will be greatly missed by all of us who love him, we take comfort knowing that he will live on in the art that he created.
Here is just one sample of their artwork:
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