October 24, 2006

An interesting life...

My Mom is pretty well settled into her nursing home but she is not eating very well. She has much better color in her cheeks and is looking a lot better rested than when she went in but she is noticably looking what little weight she has. Time to talk to the doctors; unfortunatly, she is quite lucid and although I have power of attorney, if she refuses medication, they have to obey her wishes. I wish I could bring a baseball bat into her room but the nurses might frown on that technique. Dad gets moved into his assisted living home tomorrow. Got everything prepped and ready (as much as I could). This is one of these things that you always know will happen but it still sucks when it does and you can never be fully prepared for it. Add to this that our internet connection is still down at our house and will probably be down for a week or so (I checked the cables from the reciever to the dish today and they are fine. The reciever is able to recieve but it cannot send anything.) And Mercury enters retrograde this Saturday... Fine, just bloody fine. Posted by DaveH at October 24, 2006 4:24 PM
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