October 16, 2006

Back to the farm again...

...for a day of rest and recuperation. And many heartfelt thanks for the kind emails and comments! Mom was a lot more ill than we thought and my Dad's short-term memory is essentially gone. He still has his personality and long-term memories but something that happens ten minutes ago just simply is not resident in his brain. Fortunately, she is in a great hospital and has been stabilized and we found a really nice nursing home that both of them can move to when she gets discharged from the hospital Thursday. Wednesday, we head down to Seattle to start moving their stuff up here and getting their Seattle house ready for the market. We are using the same listing agent that we used for our own house when we sold it. This person thoroughly knows the market and was able to tell us the specific things we needed to do to make our house attractive to today's buyer. We did these and not only did we list at a higher price than we thought the place was worth, on the first day we got an offer for $40K over our asking with no building inspection required. If anyone is looking at selling or buying a house in the Sand Point/U. Village area of Seattle, you would not do wrong by using this person -- email me if you want the name and contact information. Spammers are still at it -- several hundred yesterday and 131 today. Success rate for these odious little cretins: ZERO! Heh... And for each and every one of the attempts -- banned and put into a black-hole list. Anyone trying to see if their script-kiddie-fu is any good is wasting their seed-corn as any attempt by them results in all of their proxy (zombie) systems being detected and banned. So sad to see such stupidity on such a large scale... (NOT!) Posted by DaveH at October 16, 2006 10:42 PM
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