January 7, 2007

Fun at the Port of Miami

There seems to be an issue with a driver trying to bring a truck into the Port of Miami. The driver said that he was alone but was found to have two others hiding in the cab. Kim Priestap at Wizbang! is doing a very nice job of covering this story as it breaks:
Breaking: All Cargo Operations Suspended at the Port of Miami
This is what appears to have happened:

The driver got to the Port of Miami and needed access to make a delivery. He didn't have a day pass or proper identification, so he was directed to another area of the port. When he was asked if he was alone, he said yes, but then two other men were found in the back seat of the cab. One report said it was a language barrier that caused a "miscommunication." Nonetheless, officials implemented normal security measures, so the bomb squad and HazMat were called in. The three men are still being questioned.
and some more:
This is just breaking on Fox News. Apparently, Port of Miami security detained and searched a cargo truck and found two men of Middle Eastern origin hiding inside. Now, from what is being reported on Fox, all cargo operations have been suspended, what ever that means, and the FBI and customs officials are on the scene.
and another update (from the Miami Herald):
An FBI spokeswoman in Miami said an Iraqi semi-truck driver trying to get into the port was been arrested after the cargo in his truck did not match what was declared on the truck's manifest.

A second Iraqi nationakl (sic) and third Lebanese national were found hiding inside the truck, the official said.

"Right now, we're trying to figure out what these men were trying to do," said Judy Orihuela, the FBI spokeswoman.

She said the incident began when the Iraqi driver tried to make a delivery at the port and was told he needed a day pass.

During the questioning, inconsistencies surfaced as to the cargo. It in his story and the Lebanese national was found, she said.

The incident prompted a shut-down of the port as members of several federal, local and state law enforcement agencies converged on the busy facility. Among the agencies responding was the Center for Domestic Preparedness, an agency that deals with suspected weapons of mass destruction.

Orihuela said the men appear to be in the U.S. legally and have resident status. They are not on any watch list.
The Moose-limb monkey turds are probing security -- use a few sock puppets and have them try to get into an area with something that is not on the truck manifest. The sock-puppets will either spend a few years in jail or most likely be deported back to their hometown to much adulation. The Jihadi's will know that the Port of Miami is vigilant. Doom on you you little goat fsckers. Posted by DaveH at January 7, 2007 8:26 PM
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