March 19, 2007

The Bellingham No. 1 Coal Mine

I recently found the tailings of an old Coal mine in Glacier, WA -- this is a town about ten miles from us and is the center for the skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Since I am learning blacksmithing, a cheap source of coal is a good thing and a friend turned me on to this one. There is more in the tailings than I will ever use in several lifetimes and it is all accessible with a 4X truck. While trying to find out more about this mine (and the location of the adit), I was researching other coal mines in the area. The biggie has always been the Bellingham Number One Mine and until yesterday, I had no clue about where it was located or how big it was. I found this 2004 report: Bellingham/Lake Whatcom Coal Mines Bellingham No. 1 Coal Mine Preliminary Assessment Report Whatcom County, Washington TDD: 03-01-0002 and was blown away at just how big these operations were. Here is a thumbnail:
From the scale of the map, the underground chambers are several square miles in size, extending down to underneath the bay. The openings (adits) and ventilation tunnels have been filled up but the chambers are still there. Now that would be some fun exploring!!! Posted by DaveH at March 19, 2007 7:12 PM