June 23, 2007

Now it's Chinese Cars

China is not having a very good year -- first it's contaminated food, then it's toy recalls. Now it's their cars. From the AutoBlog:
In German crash test, China's Brilliance BS6 sedan fails miserably
China's Brilliance BS6 is a recent entry into the European market, positioned as a premium-style import sedan at a budget price. Well, after seeing the videos of the car undergoing crash testing using Euro NCAP guidelines at the ADAC (Germany's AAA, essentially) test center, one thing's certain: buyers get what they pay for. The BS6, as currently constructed, appears to a complete piece of crap. The horrifying 40 mph offset frontal crash test video shows damage that can be described as catastrophic at best. The A-pillar collapses and folds up like a cheap suitcase, forcing the driver's door to pop largely out of its frame, while the lower portion of the car buckles like it's made of recycled pop cans. We wouldn't want to be the driver's legs...or any other part of him for that matter. To open the mangled door afterwards, the ADAC techs needed to use a huge crowbar to get it to budge. ADAC notes that the pedals intruded a foot and a half (32 cm) into the driver's space, while the IP moved in almost 8 inches (20 cm). Needless to say, the BS6 failed the test, garnering just 1 star.
And it's not just this brand:
Jiangling Motors' Landwind SUV failed the same test in even more spectacular fashion
The above two links are to YouTube videos of the crash test. Pretty amazingly bad... Posted by DaveH at June 23, 2007 4:41 PM
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