June 16, 2007

Store blogging...

I was working in the store's upstairs office this afternoon and noticed a smell on the air. Sort of a hot asphalt / superheated oil / petroleum scent -- just a whiff. I walked outside and checked all of the five upstairs apartments - nothing, walked around the outside grounds of the building, nothing. Since people burn trash out here, I figured that someone was getting rid of some old roofing or railroad ties. About twenty minutes later, one of the upstairs tenants knocked on the office door and asked if there was a fire. We looked at the back of the building and light smoke was coming from under the stairs. Unfortunately, this is where the compressors for the stores refrigerators and freezers are located. As fate would have it, the cooling fans for our big five-door freezer had failed and the compressor overheated and shut down. Fortunately, this area has a LOT of dairy farms (none of the milk we sell in the store comes from more than twenty miles away and this includes the very cheap milk gallons as well as the incredible un-Homogenized glass bottled whole and 2% Jersey milk.) Because of this, 24/7 refrigeration service is available so Dean from Whatcom Refrigeration was able to come out and get us patched together and will return Monday with some new fan motors. Our store's website is here: Crossroads Grocery This is our sooper seekret project that I had alluded to in some earlier posts... Posted by DaveH at June 16, 2007 9:03 PM
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