June 3, 2007

The achievements of the 110th Congress

A good (and well documented) writeup of the achievements of the 110th Congress -- the one that saw Nancy Pelosi being appointed as House Speaker and Harry Reid being appointed U.S. Senate Majority Leader. From The New Media Journal:
Living In a Box with Two Left Sides
Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are praising themselves on the accomplishments of their Congress after the first 5 months in charge. The fact is that the only significant legislation they have accomplished is the Emergency War Funding Bill that had to be amended 5 times before it passed and the President would sign it.

So what are all these accomplishments they are talking about? Well, they followed the inspirational leadership of Mrs. Clinton and renamed a park and some buildings. Then they renewed some older legislation that was due to expire, and not much else. I wonder if they will be as diligent in renewing the Bush tax cuts when they come due for expiration.

The complete list of the stunning accomplishments of this 110th Congress appears at the end of this article. Brace yourself!

Our country is in a tug of war. Liberals are pulling harder to the left while conservatives are simply trying to hold their American ground. The two sides are so far apart now that congressional compromises between the left and the right will no longer satisfy anyone. Both sides feel cheated and betrayed by Congress.

Conservatives have a perfect right to feel betrayed because every compromise with the liberals is a move to the left for the country and away from Conservative American values. On the other hand, for the liberals every compromise is a gain and a move closer to their goals of socialism and destruction of American values as we have known them for over 200 years. Frankly, conservatives don't think it's a good idea to make America more like Europe and Russia with all of their problems.

Do Americans want socialism and a government controlled society where everyone is the same and equal? Or do we want capitalism and free enterprise with minimal government interference where people are free to be all they can be? Do Americans want to live with the freedoms guaranteed by Constitution, or discard them by rewriting and misinterpreting our basic laws to provide a society ruled by lawmakers solely for "the common good"?

These are the questions that those on the left really need to think about and consider when choosing their party leaders. When they realize that what the electorate wants is really irrelevant to whom the party bosses select, then it may be time to abandon that party. The same thing applies to the Republican Party electorate, which is clearly unhappy with the current candidates being promoted as "top tier." Since the McCain/Feingold 2002 Campaign Reform Act was passed, "top tier" candidates are chosen based on wealth, not principle. The Whitehouse is sold to the highest bidder.

Our Constitution guarantees our rights to capitalism and our freedom to create, develop, and reap the rewards of our efforts as individuals. Nowhere in the Constitution does it guarantee a right of anyone to receive entitlements from the taxpayers, or the federal government to redistribute the wealth. Nor does it authorize the federal government to dictate social policy or interfere with normal societal development of the people. The job of our government is to represent the people, not dictate to them. The Democrat leadership wants just the opposite.

Why do Democrats keep claiming that they represent the middle class, when everything they campaign on is aimed at minorities, illegal aliens, the ignorant, and the poor? What have they done for middle class Americans other than to raise their taxes, lower their self-esteem, and attempt to destroy their national pride? What have they done for the country other than to divide it, criticize it, regulate it and tax it?
Yes, it is a bit of a rant and yes, I can see the author's politics shining through but if you check the facts, you will see that they are writing from a position of truth and the facts bear witness to their outrage. I could go on and excerpt from the list but here are the two links to Thomas.gov and you can see for yourself. Check out the House of Representatives Check out the United States Senate A total of 26 successful bills and exactly one half of them are to name public facilities after people. Posted by DaveH at June 3, 2007 10:04 PM