July 15, 2007

Just the guy next door

Meet Cody Wirick:
From ABC4:
Neighbors shaken after raid on accused bomb makerís home
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News)-They had just five minutes to grab what they could and go, not knowing if their homes would be there when they came back. It is what neighbors of 32-year-old, Cody Wirick, were faced with Friday afternoon when Weber County Deputies found a number of high explosive components used in bombs at Wirickís Washington Terrace house at 576 West 5025 South.

Investigators say they found enough explosives to blow up or severely damage surrounding houses.

Authorities say a family member tipped them off to Wirickís stash of explosives in the house he shares with his mother and sister. Next door neighbor, Leigh Snell, is an emergency room nurse, who says, she's seen her share of tense situations, but did not expect to experience it so close to home. "It just kind of makes you feel that there is no place immune. Everywhere you go there are problems," she said.

Snell's entire block was evacuated on a moment's notice. "They said just get out now... we asked how long, how far? They said, "go as far away as you can until we say you can come back." She says they had just five minutes to pack and go, "Not knowing what to expect, if we'd come back and have a house."
From the same story:
Authorities say Wirick tried to end his life but survived a gunshot blast that left his face severely disfigured. They also say he has mental health issues and a prior criminal history but did not say if that history was related to bomb making.
Odd that the mother and sister didn't pick up on his collection. Some of this stuff is a bit hard to get... Posted by DaveH at July 15, 2007 9:32 PM