November 24, 2007

A royal twit

There is a great schism forming in the Episcopal Church. Part of it wants to disappear down the multi-culti is great, accept everything rat hole and part of it wants to return to the original old-school spiritual practices. Unfortunately, the titular head of the Church is one of the more rabid moonbats out there. From the Times Online:
US is�worst� imperialist: archbishop
The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that the United States wields its power in a way that is worse than Britain during its imperial heyday.

Rowan Williams claimed that America�s attempt to intervene overseas by �clearing the decks� with a �quick burst of violent action� had led to �the worst of all worlds�.

In a wide-ranging interview with a British Muslim magazine, the Anglican leader linked criticism of the United States to one of his most pessimistic declarations about the state of western civilisation.

He said the crisis was caused not just by America�s actions but also by its misguided sense of its own mission. He poured scorn on the �chosen nation myth of America, meaning that what happens in America is very much at the heart of God�s purpose for humanity�.

Williams went beyond his previous critique of the conduct of the war on terror, saying the United States had lost the moral high ground since September 11. He urged it to launch a �generous and intelligent programme of aid directed to the societies that have been ravaged; a check on the economic exploitation of defeated territories; a demilitarisation of their presence�.
First of all, there is a little issue of someone from one nation telling someone from another nation how to conduct business. Both Britain and the United States of America are sovereign nations and the idea that we allow a non-national to direct our operations is anathema. I'm not going to get into the whole separation of Church and State issue, something that Rev. Williams as a primate should be more than adequately aware of. The idea that this condemnation of the US would be published in a Muslim lifestyle magazine is beneath contempt for both the man and for the office. For more info on the Episcopal Schism, here is a Google Search, you can also go here, here and here. Editors note: I was brought up in an old-school Episcopal church and although not a regular attendee these days, I still feel closely aligned with the moral values and practices that I learned as a kid. I have zero problems with gay people but there is a certain don't ask/don't tell that should be upheld when one is in a position of having moral authority over a congregation. My Dad gravitated from the Episcopal church to the United Churches in Christ. I do not agree with them but I support his decision to do so. I consider groups like the UCC to lack a sense of moral definition. The idea that everyone can be accepted is a mental dishonesty and a spiritual weakness. There is evil out there and to try to "accept it" and hope that it will turn out good is at best, ineffective and at worst, only serves to encourage that very evil that you are trying to turn good. It is nothing more than mental masturbation. Posted by DaveH at November 24, 2007 9:37 PM
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