November 17, 2007

Very very smart...

Neptunus Lex links to a very interesting news item at the Washington Post:
Success has many fathers
And as it turns out, it can be a fecund mother, too:
The Army has summoned the top U.S. commander in Iraq back to Washington to preside over a board that will pick some of the next generation of Army leaders, an unusual decision that officials say represents a vote of confidence in Gen. David H. Petraeus�s conduct of the war, as well as the Army counterinsurgency doctrine he helped rewrite.

The Army has long been criticized for rewarding conventional military thinking and experience in traditional combat operations, and current and former defense officials have pointed to Petraeus�s involvement in the promotion board process this month as a sign of the Army�s commitment to encouraging innovation and rewarding skills beyond the battlefield.
Make sense -- Iraq wasn't doing well. We put General Petraeus in, he changed the operating strategy and things turned around. Violence is way down, Sunni and Shia are talking with each other, Al Queada is basically kaput in Iraq and the "man on the street" are now very happy with the coalition presence. All of this reported with great huzzahs and flag waving by the MSM... Posted by DaveH at November 17, 2007 8:40 PM
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