August 3, 2008

Air travel these days

Jen is back from her cousins wedding -- apparently a gorgeous ceremony in a wonderful Church. She flew on Allegiant Air which is billing itself as a no-frills cost effective airline. Since they have regular flights between Bellingham and San Francisco, she thought she would give it a try. The cost of the flight was OK but she then had to reserve a seat which cost an additional $13 and if she wanted to check a bag, that would have been another $15 each. We are both into traveling light and it was only for two nights away so she took a carry-on. Coming back, she had a valuable watch disappear as it was going through the XRay machine. She put it in the bin along with her shoes and stuff and when she went to retrieve it, the watch was gone. She spent some time looking for it but the people who were doing the search for her were the same people on whose watch it went missing in the first place. Minetta's morons... I went out to the airport to pick her up at 7:30. A plane rolls in, a few people get off and then a TSA uniform ushers them back into the corridor and they were then held for 45 minutes. This was the first case where the luggage arrived before the passengers... It turns out that there were two passengers on board whose names were on the no-fly list and they weren't identifying themselves when asked. The TSA finally went through the passenger manifest and asked every person to show their ID. The names of the two people were Arabic. Mohamed and someone else. Makes me wonder who else is living in Bellingham -- to get listed on the no-fly list is pretty extreme... Posted by DaveH at August 3, 2008 10:05 PM
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