March 15, 2009

There is a great story to this picture

The gentleman in this picture is Nobel Prize winning Economist Friederich von Hayek, the Bull in question is owned by Australian Rancher and Economist Ron Kitching and is named Inflation due to his large stature.
So this is literally Hayak grabbing Inflation by the balls... The backstory is a cute one -- read it here at Brooke's News:
The untold story of how Friederich von Hayek caught inflation by the balls
The great Nobel Prize winning economist/social scientist F. A. Hayek made a month long lecture tour of Australia in October 1976. There is a bit of an inside story to this tour which so far few know about. Hayek was invited to Australia for a lecture tour by economist Mark Tier. However, Hayek, at that time, had to decline, but as circumstances changed and as he did not know anybody else in Australia, he wrote a note to Sydney Economist/Barrister Roger Randerson, whom he once tutored at The London School of Economics, saying that he could squeeze in a month before going on previously scheduled visits to new Zealand and Japan.

Roger and I were good mates so he rang me with the good news. I then suggested to Roger that he immediately write back to Hayek and ask what his fee would be.
What follows is a wonderful, funny story. Hat tip to the ever wonderful Maggie's Farm Posted by DaveH at March 15, 2009 6:59 PM
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