April 23, 2009

Barrels of Fun

Although I was raised by Liberals, I have been getting into the whole farm life 'thing', one of which is firearms. We have a shotgun and Jen's grandfather's old deer rifle. The only problem is that the rifle is chambered for an uncommon round -- .35 Remington -- so it is about $2.50 per bang. A sporting goods chain store was going out of business and firearms and ammo was 10% off. I looked at .22 rifles but they were a bit wimpy. I am not looking for just a plinking rifle, I want something that can take care of a coyote with a well aimed shot so I went for .22 Magnum. Picked up this puppy today:
Looking forward to setting up a sawhorse in our pasture and getting some muscle memory built up... (We live on 30 acres and ten acres is a hillside bordering on DNR land. Anyone there is, by default, trespassing. Perfect location for a range.) Posted by DaveH at April 23, 2009 7:05 PM