June 4, 2009

Another run up to Canada

After my last adventure crossing the border, I thought it would be a good thing to just go up there a few times to acclimate them to the fact that I do cross the border on a regular basis. There were a few things I wanted to get for the DaveCave(tm) so I headed up to Ikea this afternoon. They make a very nice cable management tray and I picked up a few of them for the music stuff and the computers (they fasten under the back of your desktop and allow you to make four bundles of cable so you can seperate power and low-level signal to prevent noise):
Heading North, I was asked a few more questions than usual by the Canadians but heading South was a different matter entirely. The line at customs was moving pretty quickly -- the wait was about 15 minutes with two officers manning the booths. I pulled up and was asked where I had been, what I bought, where I lived, what I did for a living, etc... and saw the guy do a doubletake and start to jot down stuff on a tear-off form. He handed me this sheet of paper, kept my passport and motioned me over to an available parking stall. Fortunatly, I had the presense of mind to bring a book with me as it was about 20 minutes before my name was called. The officer inside asked me the same questions but also if I was bringing any drugs, either prescription or non into the states, they also asked if I had any sharp objects or knives or firearms. I told them that I was carrying a pocket knife but negative on anything else. The told me to sit down again. This time I was able to sit in a place where I could watch my truck. I had locked it but left the windows open. They reached in, unlocked the cab and proceeded to toss it completely. I set a 'trap' in the center compartment (a few sheets of paper in a very specific order) and they went in there too. At no time did they ask for permission to enter the truck or even tell me that they were going to search through it. Finally, I was cleared to go. It will be curious to see what happens over the next couple of times as these two incidents are the first time I had any problems at the border. Jen said that she wants to go to Ikea sometime so maybe we will head up in the store van (nice and shiny and new) and not my beat-up old farm truck. Posted by DaveH at June 4, 2009 8:48 PM
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