July 24, 2009

Honey - we are moving to Ogden, Utah

This house is for sale for $374,900 -- it has 6,912 sq. ft. and the insides are original:



The house was built in 1900 by John Moses Browning. Browning? To quote a little bit from the commemorative page over at The M1911 Pistols Organization (M1911.ORG):
John Moses Browning was the most famous and competent gunmaker the world has ever known. He was the son of Jonathan Browning, himself a highly competent gunsmith, and Elizabeth Clark.

John Moses was born January 23, 1855 in Ogden, Utah, U.S.A., where his father settled after the Mormon Exodus of 1847. It was in his father's shop that John Moses first learned the art and secrets of gunsmithing.

John Moses, however, was much more than a gunsmith in the sense that he was much more interested in designing and building new, innovative, firearms than repairing broken ones. His first creation was a single shot rifle he built at the age of 14 for his brother, Matt.
Browning went on to receive 128 Patents for his inventions. A number of the firearms and cartridges he developed are in production today. He was one of those forces like Tesla who set the standards so high that there has been no reason to change them. Imagine living in that house -- the history... Posted by DaveH at July 24, 2009 10:00 AM | TrackBack
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