September 16, 2009

The ACORN videos?

They hit New York City ACORN offices too... Same story, same reaction. Finally, the New York Times picked up on the story:
Conservatives Draw Blood From Acorn
For months during last year�s presidential race, conservatives sought to tar the Obama campaign with accusations of voter fraud and other transgressions by the national community organizing group Acorn, which had done some work for the campaign.

But it took amateur actors, posing as a prostitute and a pimp and recorded on hidden cameras in visits to Acorn offices, to send government officials scrambling in recent days to sever ties with the organization.

Conservative advocates and broadcasters were gleeful about the success of the tactics in exposing Acorn workers, who appeared to blithely encourage prostitution and tax evasion. It was, in effect, the latest scalp claimed by those on the right who have made no secret of their hope to weaken the Obama administration by attacking allies and appointees they view as leftist.

The Acorn controversy came a week after the resignation of Van Jones, a White House environmental official attacked by conservatives, led by Glenn Beck of Fox News Channel, for once signing a petition suggesting that Bush administration officials might have deliberately permitted the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Even before Mr. Jones stepped down, Mr. Beck had sent a message to supporters on Twitter urging them to �find everything you can� on three other Obama appointees.
Unnnhhh... There were a lot more issues with Van Jones than the petition. Van Jones didn't just sign some petition, he was on the Organizing Committee of the Troofer group:
He is also on video calling Republicans assholes, he is an avowed Communist, the list just keeps going and going and going... Posted by DaveH at September 16, 2009 9:58 PM
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