November 4, 2009

Great intelligence work

From The Blogmocracy:
Israeli Navy captures Imperialist Vessel
In a daring operation backed by great intelligence, the Israeli navy has captured an Iranian Imperialist vessel. This ship was transporting weapons to the Militant Radicals: from Iran. The Israelis caught this ship and sent the Aggressors a message.
Hundreds of tons of weaponry, the largest arms seizure in Israel�s history, were intercepted overnight Tuesday in a daring raid by Israeli naval commandos aboard a cargo ship sailing 100 nautical miles west of Israel.

The arms shipment was 10 times the size of the cache found on the Palestinian arms ship Karine A in 2002.

The cache was hidden inside shipping containers belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) which departed from the Badar Abbas Port in Iran some 10 days ago, were unloaded in the Egyptian port of Damietta and then loaded onto the Francop, a German vessel flying an Antiguan flag.

The operation had been in planning for several days and was dubbed �Four Species,� for the recent Succot holiday.
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The restraint of the Israelis is beyond belief -- they suffer constant attacks from rockets and it would be so easy to march in and take over the occupied areas and clear out the pests once and for all. I remember seeing a video of an American being shown around and they stopped at a playground. There was a big concrete worm with kids playing on it. The worm was there as a shelter in case of rocket attacks. The palestinian swine don't care that they are hitting children's playgrounds... There is no race of people more deserving of their own state -- plasma is a state... Posted by DaveH at November 4, 2009 9:44 AM
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