November 27, 2009

Real World experience

An interesting chart showing the percent of the cabinet with Private Sector Experience before appointment. From The Enterprise Blog:
Help Wanted, No Private Sector Experience Required
A friend sends along the following chart from a J.P. Morgan research report. It examines the prior private sector experience of the cabinet officials since 1900 that one might expect a president to turn to in seeking advice about helping the economy. It includes secretaries of State, Commerce, Treasury, Agriculture, Interior, Labor, Transportation, Energy, and Housing & Urban Development, and excludes Postmaster General, Navy, War, Health, Education & Welfare, Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security´┐Ż432 cabinet members in all.
Click to embiggen...
Hat tip to Coyote Blog for the link. Posted by DaveH at November 27, 2009 8:10 PM
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