December 10, 2009

Cold all over

The air and the ground were at four degrees at 8:00AM this morning. At 2:30PM, things have warmed to a positively balmy eighteen. Central US is getting hit too -- from FOX News/Associated Press:
Dec. 9: Residents of Freeport, Ill., shovel a foot of snow on
State Avenue. At least 17 have died in
the severe winter storms across the U.S.
AP Photo
Huge Snowstorm Batters U.S., Leaving at Least 17 Dead
DES MOINES, Iowa � A deadly, windy storm that tortured a wide swath of the country for days threatened to drop a foot or more of snow on parts of New York, Pennsylvania and New England Thursday before finally blowing off the coast of Maine.

Commuters from Des Moines to Chicago braced for single digit temperatures and icy roads, while wind chill values as low as negative 25 were forecast for parts of Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois.

"Like I stuck my face in the freezer," was how Bincy Mathew described the Chicago air.

The storm will have affected about two-thirds of the country by the time it moves out Thursday night, and has been blamed for at least 17 deaths, most in traffic accidents.
One storm affecting two-thirds of the USA. Seattle is getting hit too -- from the Seattle Times:
Record lows overnight: 18 degrees at Sea-Tac, 6 degrees in Olympia
The temperature dipped to 18 degrees this morning at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, setting a record low for the date.

Meteorologist Johnny Burg at the National Weather Service office in Seattle said the previous record low at Sea-Tac for the date was 21, set in 1972.

Olympia also set a record low of 6, Burg said, breaking the 1972 record of 10.
A 37 year record... Cliff Mass, a local weather guru, shows warmer temps and moisture coming in Tuesday with some snow over this weekend as a precursor. Posted by DaveH at December 10, 2009 2:20 PM
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