December 18, 2009

Copenhagen was a great big ______________

Depends on who you listen to. From Financial Times:
Climate 'deal' confusion
The United Nations climate change summit in Copenhagen ended in apparent disarray last night with some world leaders hailing a "meaningful agreement", while others said no deal had been struck.
From Breitbart/Associated Press:
Obama: 'Meaningful breakthrough' on climate change
President Barack Obama declared Friday a "meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough" had been reached among the U.S., China and three other countries on a global effort to curb climate change but said much work was still be needed to reach a legally binding treaty.
From the UK Independent:
Obama's climate accord fails the test
World leaders late last night agreed a hugely watered-down version of a new global pact on climate change, after an astonishing day of deadlock, disagreement, misunderstandings, walkouts and insults at the UN climate conference in Copenhagen.
And, saving the best for last -- from FOX News:
Copenhagen Chaos Could Imperil Senate Climate Bill
The chaotic conclusion of the two-week international conference on climate change could imperil, or at least water down, climate legislation stuck in the U.S. Senate.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., warned about that possibility two days ago when he first arrived in Copenhagen, saying that without a solid deal it would be "exceedingly difficult" to persuade fence-sitting lawmakers to get on board with the kind of emissions-curbing legislation that passed the House months ago.

Copenhagen didn't make that task any easier, observers said. The Obama administration announced a "meaningful agreement" late Friday following a marathon day of talks, but the deal is non-binding and far from the comprehensive agreement sought by Obama and other leaders. And with China resisting the kind of verification standards the United States was pushing for, concerns linger that China would not be making a shared sacrifice and that U.S. reductions would be meaningless without enforceable cuts from the developing world.
Good news! The whole Global Warming tactic is being exposed for what it is, a blatent political and financial power grab. The 2010 election cycle is going to be very interesting to say the least... Posted by DaveH at December 18, 2009 8:31 PM
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