April 30, 2010

People unclear on the concept - solar panels

From The Wokingham (UK) Times:
Ian Smith, Jean Omerod, Mo Smith,
and Mani and Aloy Perera are angry about the solar panels.
Neighbours at war over solar panels
A neighbourhood dispute has erupted in Finchampstead after a couple installed solar panels on their roof.

Patrick and Gillian Flynn, who live in Moor Close, off Barkham Ride in Finchampstead, have south-facing solar panels to heat their water and power their home.

Some neighbours have complained the panels are an “eyesore”, adding they are on a “near-industrial scale”.

Ian and Maureen Smith, who live across the road from the house, say it has become a “blot on the landscape” and the solar panels should be re-sited on the back of the house where they would not be overlooked.
Emphasis mine. Talk about clueless... And the citizens are angry. Angry I tell you! They should find something else to do -- here is someone actually doing something effective about the stunningly high energy cost in Europe and his neighbors are trying to tear him down. Talk about being perpetually glum... Posted by DaveH at April 30, 2010 8:05 PM | TrackBack
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