April 27, 2010

The Costco Prank

Inveterate prankster Rob Cockerham has outdone himself. From Cockeyed.com:
The Costco Prank
I am a Costco member, specializing in purchases of bananas and milk.

On a recent visit in search of a quality, yet low-priced tequila, I realized that their on shelf price tags are rather generic.

They are printed without decoration, black on white paper measuring four by seven inches, with a straightforward layout using common fonts.

And if I can make it, I can prank it.

I made a list of all the absurd products that Costco should have, and dropped them into my new Costco shelf pricetag template. Mike suggested a tag for 1944 Chateau La fete boxed wine. Rob Jordan suggested "Goat Balls" and a "Get out of Jail Free Gift Card". Chris suggested "Gift of the Magi".

Finding identical plastic sign holders looked like it was going to be expensive, so I faked it with a laminated version instead. I used adhesive/magnetic tape on the reverse.

Once I knew I could make pretty good copies, I solicited a few helpers. But first, I had to find out if they phony tags would actually work!

My target was the Costco on Expo Blvd. in Sacramento. It was super busy on Saturday afternoon, so I had almost no fear of being seen. I kept my fake tags hidden under the child seat of my shopping cart until I was ready to strike. But no one noticed. I placed three tags, trying to get them placed in an appropriate spot of the store.
A few of the tags:



More of Rob's wonderful work at his website: Cockeyed Posted by DaveH at April 27, 2010 9:14 PM