September 13, 2010

Local politics - a letter to the editor

Tom Tangen sums it up perfectly in this letter to the Everett, WA Herald:
We can no longer afford Murray
Patty Murray's television ads are great. But after listening to the people in the ads, I realized that she has bought their votes with my tax money.

Patty entered Congress 18 years ago, when the federal debt was $4.2 trillion. After 18 years the federal debt is $13.4 trillion. I wonder what percentage of the debt Sen. Murray feels responsible for?

So, while I will continue to enjoy her slick and expensive ads, I will vote for someone else. Because frankly, Patty, I can't afford you.
Heh -- what he said. The politics are influenced by voters in Seattle and Olympia and do not really represent the rest of WA State. Posted by DaveH at September 13, 2010 3:45 PM
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