October 20, 2010

England slashing the size of Government

It is funny -- Obama is steering us toward a more multi-cultural and Progressive government all the while the heavy multi-culti and Progressive governments in Europe are backpedaling as fast as they can. Now it is England's turn. From the BBC:
Spending Review: Osborne wields axe
Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled the biggest UK spending cuts since World War II, with welfare, councils and police budgets all hit.

The pension age will rise sooner than expected, some incapacity benefits will be time limited and other money clawed back through changes to tax credits and housing benefit.

A new bank levy will also be brought in - with full details due on Thursday.

Mr Osborne said the four year cuts were guided by fairness, reform and growth.

But shadow chancellor Alan Johnson, for Labour, called the review a "reckless gamble with people's livelihoods" which risked "stifling the fragile recovery" - a message echoed by the SNP, despite smaller than expected cuts in Scotland.
For an idea of the scope:
Up to 500,000 public sector jobs could go by 2014-15 as a result of the cuts programme, according to the Office for Budgetary Responsibility.
The entire UK has a population of 61 million The USA has a population of 307 million The UK is doing the equivalent of cutting 2,450,000 public sector jobs. What a wonderful starting point! As a note, the Federal Government currently employs 2.15 million so cutting 2.45 million jobs would leave a negative number -- shows how top heavy the UK government is. Posted by DaveH at October 20, 2010 6:51 PM
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