October 12, 2010

Stuck a nerve

Last nights post about little George (spit) Soros seems to have struck a nerve. I received three comments. One was a potential spam so I deleted it; the other two showed the gamut of political thought. Comment one:
All this from "the man who broke the Bank of England by shorting the Pound in 1992." Soros is nuts he benefits in a huge way from free markets and then does whatever he can to destroy them.
More on this story from the Wikipedia entry for Black Wednesday and from this article in the Atlantic:
'Go for the Jugular'
The collapse of Greece's economy, and its domino effect on Spain, Portugal, and other countries in the euro currency zone, is in many ways a replay of an earlier financial crisis--the break-up of the continent's Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992. Then, as now, Europe's policymakers showed little patience with--or understanding of--markets. Then, as now, Germany often seemed contemptuous of the less competitive economies on the periphery of Europe.

The 1992 crisis came to a head on Friday September 9, when currency speculators forced the devaluation of the Italian lira. By the following Tuesday, Britain was facing the same fate. In this excerpt from More Money Than God, his new history of hedge funds, Sebastian Mallaby tells the story of the crisis from inside the cockpit of George Soros's Quantum Fund.
Comment two:
You're a prime example of someone who is deliberately ignorant.
He links to his own website. I visited it and found it to be deliberately ignorant. Talk about a case of projection. Joe, if you hate America so very much?


I'll even chip in ten bucks for your plane ticket you moron... Posted by DaveH at October 12, 2010 10:33 AM