November 5, 2010

Lurch still owes money

Back on July 24th, the news broke that Senator Kerry was remiss in not paying the taxes for his new luxury yacht. On July 27th, Senator Lurch said that he would pay this tax. Slide forward four months and it just slipped his mind. From the Boston Herald:
John Kerry�s bucks stop where?
It�s been more than three months since we first told you about Capt. John Kerry�s high-seas tax dodge on his new $7 million yacht, Isabel, and the town of Nantucket still doesn�t have a check from the senior senator!

You may recall that Kerry lowered the flag and surrendered in July, agreeing to pony up more than $400,000 to cover state taxes on the toney tub. Mr. Teresa Heinz broke out the checkbook four days after the Track set off a furious tempest with our report that he had purchased the 76-foot floating palace and ported her in Rhode Island, thus depriving the commonwealth of its pound of flesh.

A spokesman for the state Department of Revenue confirmed that �a sales tax return was filed� by Kerry last summer to cover state taxes that would have been owed, had he kept the Isabel in his home state�s waters. But according to the Nantucket tax collector, he never paid any excise taxes to the town on the Isabel.
Taxes? Those are for the little people. The wealthy capitalists -- they are hogging all the money and we need to spread it around a little bit. Fscking morons... Posted by DaveH at November 5, 2010 8:27 PM
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