February 13, 2011

James Clapper - not quite rite

James Clapper is Obama's National Intelligence Director and he has missed the boat on a couple of key issues. From Chip Bok:
National Intelligence Director, James Clapper, is at it again. Yesterday, when Egyptian President Mubarak decided to stay, before he decided leave, Clapper described the Muslim Brotherhood as a non-violent secular outfit. The administration issued a correction. When last seen, Clapper was being briefed by Diane Sawyer about a major terrorist arrest in London. Don’t ask him if the Pope’s Catholic.
From David Yeagley:
Barry the Betrayer: Iran v. Egypt v. America
Obviously, there is a major difference between Iran and Egypt, but, when the young people of Iran crowded the streets demanding freedom in 2009, Barry “Obama” Soetoro was mum. When the Egyptians came out en mass, Barry told the Egyptian government leaders to step down. Mubarek must go, but, nobody better mess with Ahmadinejad.

Back in June of 2009, when I protested with Iranians here in Oklahoma City, against the Islamic oppression and election fraud in Tehran, when we shouted “Down with religion, Up with democracy!” on the capitol streets in OKC, I remember an Iranian woman said to me, “You know, I’m really sorry I voted for Obama. Bush would have helped!”

One thing the world knows now: Obama will not help. Obama will do nothing. Hope and change are not connected with him. Iranian youth learned their lesson. He’s not for them.

Barry “Obama” Soetoro is a complete fraud, a most vomitous concentration of self-interest and racist hatred against all things white. There is nothing more to him that that. His skin is simply used by the oedipal white liberal globalists. To achieve goal of the overthrough of America, Barry enthusiastically invites the world’s animosity toward America, particularly white America–white Christian America. He must make America be dragged through the streets of world opinion, like the bodies of U.S. marines were dragged through the streets of Mogadishu and Fallujah. This is Barry “Obama” Soetoro.

It is already known that George Soros is puppeteering Barry boy. They have just created a “private investment company” called Siraj Fund Management Company, for developing the so-called “Palestine” entity in the land of Israel. But some believe Soros is playing Barry boy in the Egyptian affair as well.
A bit more:
Barry loves the Muslim Brotherhood. His boy James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence (what’s that?) announced to the world that the Muslim Brotherhood, despite its own published purposes, is secular and not particularly extreme. Barry calls for its inclusion and influence in whatever new government evolves in Egypt.
Lastly, go to Google, type in clapper un and see what pops up:
Brings to mind the old English proverb:
A man is known by the company he keeps
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