July 30, 2011

Well dang

Had a wonderful day today -- went out to the Whatcom County Old Settlers Association Annual Picnic but in the intervening couple of years when I didn't attend, they took the blacksmithing stuff away -- no forge, no smiths... Had fun anyway -- there were a lot of food vendors so stuffed myself with roasted corn and strawberry shortcake. There was quite the car show across the street so I wandered around there for an hour or so. I love the work that people do in the restoration but I could never afford the time or money to do one myself. Some of the cars were for sale and prices were in the $15K to $25K and worth every penny. Spending tomorrow working in the shop -- I did love running the bakery but the extra time is very sweet... Posted by DaveH at July 30, 2011 9:45 PM
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