May 6, 2012

Nothing much tonight either

Spent a long day working in my garden (it had sat fallow for a couple of years) and moved one of my chicken coops down to the community garden. There are already a couple of birds living there so this will be a major lifestyle upgrade for them! Refurbishing an old computer of mine for the local Water Co-op. Their machine is over ten years old and about the only good thing to say is that it had Windows XP installed. Installing this one with Win7 and some goodies (CCleaner, etc...) This one is three years old and I tend to buy pretty hot machines so this will last them a long long time. They are using QuickBooks Pro for accounting and billing. Also donating one of my HP Workgroup Laser Printers (an 8100). I love these machines -- they originally sold for $5K on up, are built like a tank, cost a fraction of a penny per page and last forever. This one will duplex and print up to 11*17. Actually handles envelopes pretty well too. I buy them at auction for $25 to $50 -- nobody wants them because they are big. Their loss. Long day tomorrow too -- we are in for a stretch of great weather so looking to get the garden whipped into shape. Sprayed RoundUp today and will plant on Tuesday. Posted by DaveH at May 6, 2012 9:28 PM
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