August 8, 2012

Sheer genius

We all know about Curiosity -- the new Martian Rover. Seems he has a Twitter feed -- check out SarcasticRover:
If I get one more "red rover, red rover" joke, I'mma go mass spectrometry on all your asses.

Oh sure, I'd love to drive around for two years and point a laser at the ground until I die� who wouldn't?

Hey guys! I found an alien!� Oh, no, wait� just another stupid ass rock. Awesome.

Great� 100,000,000 miles and I'm stuck in a damn crater. Awesome.

Got a rock in my tread� fantastic. I already hate this place. John Carter can have it.

What they don't show you in that parachute photo is me inside the capsule pissing myself in sheer terror.

I've got a nuclear-powered laser and control of an entire planet� so I'm essentially a Bond villain.

Got a song from Les Mis�rables stuck in my head and now I know what drove HAL to insanity's warm embrace! ON MY OWN.
Lots more at the site. And of course, the real Curiosity twitter feed is here: MarsCuriosity Posted by DaveH at August 8, 2012 8:41 PM
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