November 20, 2012

Another reason to not live in Seattle

They are expanding the SR-520 bridge across Lake Washington. Seems that there are some issues with quality of construction. From the Seattle Post Intelligencer:
Former inspector: New 520 Bridge 'a disaster waiting to happen'
Stunning new allegations have surfaced about the construction of the 520 Floating Bridge.

A former inspector says the quality of the first pontoons built in Aberdeen was so shoddy that it's a "disaster waiting to happen." At the same time, a scathing internal audit shows the state failed to hold contractor Kiewit accountable.

"To me it's just a disaster; it's a disaster waiting to happen," said the former inspector, who wants to remain anonymous.

The man was an onsite quality inspector at Kiewit Construction's pontoon casting basin in Aberdeen last winter.

"I won't drive across that bridge when they have it built," he said.
Ouch! We have already had two bridges collapse in Winter stormS so this is not something unknown to Seattleites... Posted by DaveH at November 20, 2012 8:34 PM
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