November 3, 2012

Five to three hundred fifty nine

Endorsements baby -- go Mitt go! From Gerard:
Military Endorsements For Obama And Romney

"We the undersigned, proudly support
Governor Mitt Romney as our Nation's next
President and Commander-in-Chief"

Obama�s Public Military Endorsements [Take a short breath]:
General Wesley Clark, USA, (Ret) General Colin Powell, USA (Ret) Major General Paul Eaton, USA (Ret) Admiral Donald Gutter, USN, former JAG of the Navy, (Ret) Admiral John Nathman, USN, (Ret)

Mitt Romney�s Public Military Endorsements [Take a deep breath]:
Admiral James B. Busey, USN, (Ret.) General James T. Conway, USMC, (Ret.) General Terrence R. Dake, USMC, (Ret) Admiral James O. Ellis, USN, (Ret.) Admiral Mark Fitzgerald, USM, (Ret.) General Ronald R. Fogleman, USAF, (Ret) General Tommy Franks, USA, (Ret) and it goes on for 352 more names.
No wonder this regime has been trying to minimize the ability of our military to vote -- airplane crashes with absentee ballots burned, disenfranchised servicemen returning home to find their names purged from the polls with no time to re-apply. Clark and Powell are contemptible. Have been for years. Eaton, Gutter (no web presence) and Nathman are just nebbishes -- placeholders until real men got appointed to fill these shoes. Posted by DaveH at November 3, 2012 8:38 PM
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