November 10, 2012

Home safe and sound

Earlier today, I had mentioned that there might be a problem with a local resident who has been having some mental issues. I spent the last hour at the store and although he had come in twice earlier today during my employee's shift, he was a no-show for coming in a few minutes before closing. Her next shift is Tuesday and my final CERT class is then but I will try to get out there as soon as possible. Had a fun evening though -- brought Grace down and walked her through the store a couple times. This is not a familiar environment for her so it was a good training opportunity. She is coming along really nicely -- working well both on-lead and off, voice and visual. Also, a local friend was celebrating his birthday and his wife and another woman came into the store to buy a couple bottles of wine and champagne. They were cute as can be -- several sheets to the wind and feeling zero pain. The party was only five hundred feet away so no issue with driving. Sounds like a great party! Surf for a bit, have a glass or two of wine to decompress and then to bed. Early day tomorrow -- fixing fences and doing some winterizing -- it's 24�F and dropping like a stone out there... Posted by DaveH at November 10, 2012 10:22 PM
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