January 30, 2013

Time to retire from public life

Waaaaaa... From Boston station WBZ:
Frank Issues Terse Statement On Cowan Senate Appointment
One person disappointed by Gov. Deval Patrick�s decision to name Mo Cowan as interim U.S. Senator is former Congressman Barney Frank.

Earlier this month, Frank openly lobbied for the position, saying �I think I�m better prepared than most people.�

Patrick obviously felt differently and chose Cowan, his former Chief of Staff, who has no previous experience holding elected office.

Frank issued this terse statement Wednesday:
�I know Mr. Cowan is committed to working hard and in socially-fair and economically-efficient manner toward resolving pending budget issues.�

�I now look forward to working for the election of Ed Markey to continue this work, and to providing President Obama the support he deserves in carrying out the mandate he received in November.�
Mandate? Obama squeaked into office last November -- the margin was smaller than in 2008. The voter turnout was smaller than 2008. Frank is out of touch and only craves the power of office. His bills (Dodd-Frank) have been disasters and his treatment of Fannie May directly caused the housing bubble whose collapse put us in our present financial straits. Frank needs to retire. Posted by DaveH at January 30, 2013 12:41 PM
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