January 29, 2013

Way to go Garrett

From Surfer Today:
Has Garrett McNamara ridden the 100-foot wave in Nazar�?
Garrett McNamara has surfed a giant wave in Nazar� and may have beaten his previous world record of the biggest wave ever surfed.

The man who tasted the biggest wave in the history of surfing might have improved the Guinness World Record. McNamara returned to Nazar� and on the 28th January a giant swell headed into his life.

The image captured by T� Man�, one of the best surf photographers in Europe, is simply breathtaking. Garrett McNamara is seen riding what seems to be a 100-foot wave.

Although is far from clear, as the shot is taken from an upper angle, the ride is unbelievable. T� Man� freezes the moment when McNamara descends the face of the wave.

Garrett McNamara traveled from Hawaii and hit the water with Kealii Mamala - with whom he surfed waves generated by glacier blocks in Alaska - Kamaki Worthington and Hugo Vau, as their support team on the jet ski.

The conditions in Nazar� were heavenly perfect. Light southern winds and strong swell coming from northwest and hitting the local canyon as it should.

The question is simple. Has Garrett McNamara ridden the 100-foot wave in Nazar�? How big is this wave? Has Nature improved the Guinness World Record in Nazar� set at 78 feet (23,7 meters)?
Very cool! It will take a while for the height to be certified but if they are guessing 100' it is going to be damn close to 100'. Nothing up yet on his personal site: Garrett McNamara Posted by DaveH at January 29, 2013 5:05 PM
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