February 8, 2013

A life in public service

From the Racine, WI Journal-Times:
Owner of closed Bare Coffee blames public, DRC and others
To say the owner of the now closed Bare Coffee left Downtown with a sour taste in his mouth is a vast understatement.

Michael Young opened his shop at 327 Main St. in July 2011 and closed it weeks ago � apparently Jan. 11, according to his vitriolic Facebook posts. On the way out, he blasted the Racine community, Downtown Racine Corp., government and poor employees, on his personal Facebook page and to The Journal Times on Wednesday.

�Served the last ungrateful person in my life hopefully,� Young posted to Facebook on Jan. 11. �I really hate dealing with the general public.�

�What an awesome feeling not to have to deal with all the tools and (expletive) in this town anymore,� Young posted the same day. �To all my true friends that came out and supported us over the last year and a half thank you. To all the people of Racine and the government of Racine and the DRC go (expletive) yourselves!�
Heh - hey Michael, why don't you tell us what you really feel. The guy should go into politics. Be sure to click and read all the comments -- customer experiences in his store as well as political dirt on Racine pointing to two blogs: Racine in Ruins and Racine EXPOSED! Not planning to move there anytime soon. Posted by DaveH at February 8, 2013 3:13 PM
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