February 13, 2013

Green Energy in Germany

From The Global Warming Policy Foundation:
Germany�s Green Nightmare
Germany has fully embarked on an energy transition-enterprise, aiming at converting an 80 % share of its electricity generation to so-called renewable sources. Main focus is plants that generate electricity from wind and solar, complemented by biomass, energy from waste incineration and hydropower. Among the most striking arguments of the proponents of this policy is that all this is cheaper in the long run than conventional solutions, since wind, sun and water are available free of charge on a permanent basis. Furthermore, renewable energy had contributed to reduce prices on the electric power bourses. But despite the seemingly good news, one wonders why the German EEG levy (an add-on to Germany�s electricity bills) increases every year, with a breath-taking hike of 47 % this year. Reason enough to get the cost development of the EEG payments � the money collected from electric power users transferred to �renewable� energy plant operators � a closer look and to care about where this journey will take us in the in the coming years. Performing such a predictive assessment is greatly facilitated by a little basic math.
The money quote (This is the German EEG levy -- an add-on to Germany�s electricity bills:
From a mere � 43,- per four-person household (4p-household) in 2000, these costs have in the meantime risen to � 919,- in 2012. By 2015, a further increase to � 1.386,- is to be expected.
All this is the true cost of 'green' energy. A quick heads up -- there is no @#$% green energy -- never has been and never will. We have fossil fuels and nuke -- that is it. If the government was really serious about alt-energy, they would give an amount equal to the Solyndra loan to these people: EMC2 and kiss the Arabs goodbye... Posted by DaveH at February 13, 2013 4:02 PM
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